The minimum daily wage as of Jan 1, 2019 was 102.68 Mexican pesos which is about $5.10.  Per day.  Ready that again, it’s not a typo.  That’s what your maid is being paid.  Per day.

Please tip in pesos.  Leaving US coins is useless, if you leave US dollars, they need to physically go to the bank and exchange it (and pay the exchange rate).  If you can leave your tip in cash, do so since some restaurants will take the service fee out of the tip.

Tip your maid!  If you’ve left your place a little messy, tip her a little more.  75 pesos is customary per cleaning.  Leave it on your pillow or with a note that says ‘gracias!’.

Tip the people that bag your groceries, they are not employed by the store.  A government program allows young people and seniors to work for tips.  15 pesos is customary.

Many times the servers have to pool their tips and pay out to the bartender, chef, etc.  You should leave between 15-20% for their service.  These employees make their money during the ‘high’ season, some of the restaurants they work at close during low season so they are out of work for a period of time each year.

Musicians performing at restaurants/bars soley rely on tips.

Some restrooms will have attendants, 5 pesos is customary.

Typically you don’t tip your taxi or Uber unless they perform another service, such as helping with your suitcase or grocery bags.  But by all means, if you want to tip them, go ahead.

There is a great Tipping Guide here: