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We are a group of ex-pats that live here full time and love it.  We share our experiences and insights of what you need to know about PV –  whether you are considering moving here yourself or wanting to have a great vacation.  We’ve packed important information all in one place in an easy to follow format – a directory, FAQs, top 10 lists, posts about our experiences and more.

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Charlotte Guptill
Charlotte GuptillCreative Writer
Charlotte fell in love with PV on her first trip in 2008. She recently moved from Portland, Maine with her husband, John, and dog, Riley. They sold their jewelry company, CHART metalworks, and started to life the life they dreamed of. Charlotte and John run a vacation rental business here in PV, Riley & Co. When they are not busy helping visitors find a rental, they can be found out and about with Riley. Charlotte loves to try new restaurants, go to the beach and make jewelry in her spare time – which, thankfully, is more abundant here in paradise.
Need to know about PV
DarrenDigital Nomad
After chasing the corporate life and wanting to slow things down a bit, Darren and his wife, Brooke, decided the time was right to move to PV from Atlanta, Georgia. They sold their home and belongings, packed up their car with their one and a half year old son, Wyatt, and their dog, Harper, and headed to Mexico. Darren started his own IT consulting company, building and maintaining websites for a list of clients. Darren’s office overlooks Banderas Bay, but the best part is that he gets to be with his family and experience life in PV with them.
Need to know about PV
AJ FreemanCreative Writer
AJ Freeman is an adventurous spirit, serial friend maker, and general enthusiast. He lives his everyday life hoping to demonstrate the nearly infinite potential for discovery and wonder on this small wet rock orbiting a dim yellow star in the backwoods of the Milky Way.

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