Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Barcito Centro PV
Charlotte Guptill

Spotlight On Barcito In Centro PV

While most businesses have suffered during COVID, it’s surprising news to learn of a new one opening.  Can you imagine the challenges?  The second guesses?  I suppose COVID can’t stop

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What a Drag Puerto Vallarta Fundraising in the Age of Covid
Charlotte Guptill

Fundraising in the Age of Covid

Several nonprofits rely on a yearly fundraiser to support their cause – and the pandemic and economic collapse threaten their ability to do so. Many rely on in-person events to

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The Do Nothing Theory
We Love PV

The “Do Nothing” Theory

‘Be Our Guest (Writer)’ series – a compilation of short stories of how others came to adopt Puerto Vallarta as their home or place they often visit. The town has some

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