Can You Drink the Water in Mexico?

Can you drink the water in mexico

Relax…you can drink the water

PV has spent more than $6 million on the installation of state-of-the-art water treatment and purification systems to provide you with fresh, clean drinking water. The transportation of the water from the treatment plant to your tap…well, that depends on the pipes. Overall, the drinking water is held to high international standards and has won numerous safety awards for purity.

Bottle water is available in all restaurants but you’re good to order just plain tap water. I’ve been drinking tap water all over town without issue.

You can brush your teeth with water from the tap – let your common sense guide you, if the building is really old or the tap doesn’t look clean, use bottled water.

Don’t worry about the ice cubes in your margarita or the beautiful lettuce in your salad. The lettuce was not only washed but likely treated with microdyne solution that kills parasites. Again, I’ve had salads all over without issue.

If you’re spending the day in Yelapa or Sayulita, ONLY drink the bottle water and don’t order with ice, unless you care to meet the Montezuma’s Revenge.

There are lots of things within your control to keep from getting sick – and drinking the tap water in PV – isn’t one of them. Stay hydrated, limit your time in the sun, watch your alcohol and food intake. These things are more likely to keep you from the beach.

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