Transportation FAQs

in Puerto Vallarta


Do I need to know spanish?

Many Mexicans, especially those that work in the tourism industry, speak English.  You do not need to know how to speak Spanish to get by.


If you’re planning on staying for an extended bit, its wise to learn a little bit of conversational Spanish – you will find that Mexicans will welcome and help you speak the language.  If you do speak, even only a little Spanish, give it a try while you’re here – don’t be shy – and you’ll enjoy the experience even more so!

How much is a taxi from the airport?

The taxi fare is pre-determined at the airport.  It will depend on which area you are traveling to as to how much you’ll pay.  You can flag a taxi down just as you approach the exit doors for the airport.  You can also visit the taxi counter and purchase your fare there, they will direct you to your cab.


For more options, take a look at our article:  Traveling from the Airport

Does Uber pickup at the airport?

No, at this time Uber is not allowed to pickup at the airport.  You can however, go across the pedestrian bridge and order Uber from there.  You’ll need to have cell service to do so.  For all options, take a look at our article:  Traveling from the Airport.

Wheelchair Accessibility

You can find additional assistance at this website.

The Malecon is a nice place to get around because there is no auto traffic but not every place along the way is wheelchair accessible.  Many employees are happy to carry the wheelchair up over a curb if necessary, so be sure to ask if you need help.

There is a walking tour for wheelchair travelers here.

Food delivery

La Comer will deliver your groceries to you very reasonably.  Uber Eats is available here and many restaurants participate.  You can also call and ask a restaurant if they will deliver.

Bike Rentals

There are 3 places we’re aware of:  BiCiRentals and Hello Bike! – both of these are on FaceBook.  They may be able to deliver the bike to you.  If you’re looking for a ‘premium’ road bike or fat bike, visit

Car Rentals

After you pay for the insurance and gas prices here, you may find it MUCH less expensive to use an Uber or taxi.  If you decide to rent a car, Gecko, comes recommended to us.  There are other rental car agencies:  Payless, Fox, Budget and Enterprise.  If you’re staying in Emiliano Zapata, Prestige is a good place to rent a car for an overnight.

Should I rent a car?

Unless you are planning to do day trips to different areas, a car is unnecessary to get around PV.  There is a great bus system as well as Uber and local taxis.  Most Ubers/taxis cost you about $50-90 pesos to get around most places.


Parking is likely going to be your issue if you decide to rent a car as space is scarce.

How much does the bus cost?

The recent change in bus fare increased the cost to ride the bus to 10 pesos.  The bus driver appreciates exact change.

Check out our recent blog post for more information: Riding The Bus

Driving to PV

You’ll need a notarized letter from the lien holder giving you permission to take the vehicle into Mexico (it’s so much easier if you own the vehicle outright).  You should plan to stay on the toll roads – have your pesos ready – these are the safest roads to drive.  Don’t opt to make this a sight seeing trip – unless you’ve done it several times before – you are moving all your personal belongings and that is stressful enough.  You need to itemize a list of your belongings – in case they ask you for it at the border.  You’ll need to know the address of where you are planning to unload.  Your vehicle will need an import permit plus you’ll pay an immigration fee.  Carrying a gun across the border can get you a $25,000 fine and up to 25 years in jail.  Don’t drive at night.  Not all hotels allow pets.  Nice to have a locking pin for your license plate, just in case.  Have a map in case you don’t have WiFi service.  You may be denied entry if you’ve had a DUI in the last 10 years.


In other words, be smart about it.  Do your research.  Go with your gut on choosing the safest place to stay.  Have a backup plan.