Drink And Eat Your Way Through Downtown Vallarta

Enjoy 6 handcrafted cocktails and 6 food tastings!

Drink And Eat Your Way Through Downtown Vallarta. Tacos and Tequila are at the top of everyone’s list when they come to PV. This mexology tour gives you both in one fun and food-filled evening.

  • This 4-hour guided tour is perfect for dinner and will introduce you to the best indigenous spirits and regional cocktails in Vallarta.
  • You will sample Tequila, Mezcal, Racilla, coffee with local liquor and local craft beer. All of them mixed into a regional cocktail by a master Mexican Mixologist.
  • To keep you on your feet you will enjoy a few tacos along the way, including a one-of-a-kind seafood stuffed Jalapeño taco, carne asada taco, and more.


Duration: 4 hours
Starting Location: Joe Jack’s Fish Shack

  • 79.99


  • DAYS:

    Mon thru Sat

  • TIME:

    Departs at 2:30 PM


    4 hours


    10 people 1 tour guide


    Tour takes place snow, rain or shine


    Comfortable clothing and shoes

  • WHO:

    All fitness levels and must be over 18




    7 tastings. expert tour guide, tasting map with insiders recommendations

  • COST:

    $79.99 adults


    Joe Jack's Fish Shack


    5 star company with over 2600 reviews

What to expect from this tour?

Behind The Drink – Tequila, Mezcal, and Racillia are close cousins and by the end of this tour you will understand the difference between the three. You will also taste the difference between a standard cocktail and the creations made by Vallarta’s best Mexologists.

A Foodie Experience – Our tour guides are local foodies who are eager to introduce you to authentic regional food and drinks. From delicious dishes to elevated cocktails you will be sure to return to your favorite spots before you leave PV.

Why take this tour?

  1. Not Your Average Tequila Tasting. You won’t walk more than a few blocks without being offered a Tequila tasting, but the goal of those tastings is to make a sale. Our goal is to educate you on the difference between a quality drink and a run of the mill creation.
  2. A Range Of Flavors. It’s too hard for us to pick just one which is why we introduce you to a range of flavors. This includes a Mezcal Cocktail made with fresh lime, cucumber, and a signature ingredient. A Jalapeño Margarita made by hand with fresh all-natural ingredients. A Michelada, made with beer and fresh salsas. And more!
  3. The Best Of Vallarta. Our small group tours introduce you to the hidden gems that make our culinary scene so unique. This goes beyond the popular tourist spots to the local favorites you might not find on your own.

Tour Highlights Include

  • Meet some of the Vallarta mixologists and learn their secrets!
  • Learn the complex world of Agave spirts and how they are so different.
  • Learn about Vallarta night life and insider secrets from our passionate tour guides.
  • Explore and drink your way through Old Town while visiting, sipping on 6 cocktails and amazing tacos.
  • Experience local favorites and learn why they are some of the best in Vallarta!
  • Enjoy a Jalapeño handcrafted margarita from Vallarta’s best mexologist!

Stress Free Policy

Tour bookings can be changed to any date, different tour or turned into a gift certificate to use on a future date with no expirations even one hour before the tour! A change of plans is no problem!

Tasting Locations

Delicious specialties served on Mex-ology: Tequila, Tacos and Mexican Cocktails Tour:

1-Mezcalini & fish taco

Visit one of Vallarta’s local favorites for mezcal cocktails and seafood


Enjoy one of Mexico most popular drinks -the Paloma and mezcal tasting.

3-Craft Beer

Sample some of the best craft beers in the bay in this local brewery!

4-Jalapeno Margartia & Jello tequila shot

Using only the freshest ingredients, this hidden gem has recently burst on the scene as Vallarta´s first hand-crafted cocktail and mixology bar.

5-Taco Asada

This taco stand has been serving up the best carne asada tacos for over 45 years!

6-Stuffed jalapeno taco with seafood & Racilla

Learn the differences between mezcals and racilla while eating a delicious stuffed jalapeno tacos at this local favorite!

7-Coffee Cocktail

Experience one of Vallarta´s oldest and most famous restaurants on the beach with a delicious coffee cocktail!

Dietary Restrictions

We CAN provide substitutions for gluten free, nuts and seafood allergies on this tour. We CANNOT accommodate Vegans and vegetarians. Please check with us about other allergies or aversions.
Required substitutions must be indicated in advance at time of ticket purchase.
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