How to have a spa day in PV for less than $50 USD

how to have a spa day in pv for less than $50 USD

If you live here or travel here frequently, you know that many salon services here are quite reasonable.  I know that where I’m from, $50 doesn’t even get you a pedicure.

You can grab a friend and make a day of self care for less than you think.

Salud Super Food, $92 Pesos ($4.75 USD)

This wasn’t part of my spa day budget but I decided to start my spa day with something healthy in my belly.  I figured the last thing I wanted to feel was a pang of hunger during my services.  I headed to Salud Super Food to start my day with a smoothie.  I chose the Gasolina Verde – a blend of spinach, nopal, parsley, celery, yogurt, pineapple, organic green tea and fresh orange juice.  That ought to satisfy my body.  This set me back $72 PESOS plus a 20% tip (because I love Willy and his staff, they super friendly and will help you with your selection).

ARA Salon, $480 Pesos ($24.75 USD)

I’ve tried several salons and I like them for different reasons.  If you’re looking for overall goodness to stay within your budget, head to ARA Salon.  I started with a pedicure and the best thing about it is the callous remover – they use what looks like a little Dremel tool with a circular file, with a new file each time they use it.  They start off with a ‘rough’ sandpaper and then finish your feet with a ‘fine’ sandpaper to give your feet a softness that other methods can’t provide.  I brought my own nail polish for this one but they have a very large selection of colors to choose from.  My pedi cost me $220 PESOS.

I also decided on a manicure which I don’t seem to do as often as a pedicure – but if this was going to be a true spa day, well then I had to have one.  This happened simultaneously while my pedi was being done, so I wasn’t at the salon for 2 hours.  The women were meticulous in their execution and I left there with a huge smile on my face and very colorful nails I was no longer needing to hide from the rest of the world.  My mani cost me $180 PESOS.

I left a 20% tip, so the entire experience cost me $480 PESOS.

Eclipse Spa, $490 Pesos ($25.25 USD)

I saved the best for last – my full body, one hour massage at Eclipse Spa.  A nice, easy walk from Càrdenas to Serdán, I made this appointment ahead of time since you’re chance of a walk in during high season is low.  Since my last massage here, they have done some remodeling – the entire place got a new look and they expanded upstairs.  It’s quiet, the music is soft, the temperature is perfect and you have your own private room.

My hour long massage cost me $350 PESOS plus a 20% tip of $70 PESOS.  If you go with a friend or want to return at a later date for a 2nd massage, you can buy a package of 2 massages for $600 pesos, that’s a savings of $100 pesos for 2 massages – definitely a worthy deal.  Where else can you get a massage for $300 pesos?

My spa day left me wanting more.  I felt restored and very relaxed.  And headed home to top it off with a siesta.

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Charlotte Guptill

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