Spotlight on Puerto Vallarta’s Las Gaviotas Neighborhood

spotlight on puerto vallarta's las gaviotas neighborhood

Spotlight on Puerto Vallarta’s Las Gaviotas Neighborhood

Visitors who demand the best from their stay abroad are increasingly choosing to make their seasonal homes in the area of Puerto Vallarta known as Gaviotas. This upscale neighborhood was carefully planned in the wake of Puerto Vallarta’s expansion era, giving it a compelling combination of classic Mexican architecture and luxury living staples such as fountains, pools, and professionally tended tropical gardens.

Las Gaviotas Basics

Located inland from the city’s Marina zone just south of the airport, Gaviotas is one of the premier destinations for leisure travelers seeking the best of what Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Although the neighborhood is not directly framed by a beach, there are a number of nearby public access points located near hotels closer to the coast. This gives residents to the area easy access to the sandy shores of the area, often within a few minutes’ walking distance.

Getting to Las Gaviotas

Gaviotas is one of the easier areas of the city to access for incoming visitors. Taxis frequently patrol the area in and around the neighborhood, and there are several taxi stands in the area where a driver can be hired on demand. Taxis are also available at the city’s airport, Aeropuerto International Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz (PVR) and rides from the airport can cost up to 300 pesos if an airport taxi is used instead of a city cab.

Las Gaviotas Amenities

Gaviotas presents a number of conveniences for incoming visitors planning to enjoy longer-term stays in Puerto Vallarta. One of the most visible advantages for guests to the city making their homes in the Gaviotas area is the local Costco, which provides access to a plethora of products for everyday and specialized use as well as imported goods. The area is also exceptionally safe even for Puerto Vallarta, as it is frequently patrolled by the dedicated tourist police force in the city along with standard municipal authorities.

This Neighborhood is Best For

The Gaviotas neighborhood is an excellent choice for families moving into the area, offering a centralized location and convenient access to common household needs. It is also a good area for experiencing local culture, as the area does not specifically cater to tourists although it certainly welcomes long-term guests with open arms. The neighborhood is also more residential than other colonias in Puerto Vallarta, so visitors who place a high value on tranquility may find added value in a move to the Gaviotas area.

Although Gaviotas is a bit inland from the city’s famous beaches, the neighborhood still has plenty to offer the curious visitor. Giving those who call it home an authentic window into the Mexican lifestyle alongside an array of available amenities, the Gaviotas neighborhood is one of the fastest up and coming colonias in the Puerto Vallarta area.

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