Spotlight With Sadie Christie, Shopping for CBD Oil

Spotlight with Sadie Christie Shopping for CBD oil

It’s likely that you’re familiar with CBD oil since it’s legal to purchase in Canada and the US states where marijuana is legal and all 50 states for hemp derived CBD products.  But if you’re like me, and haven’t used it, you’re curious about it.  What many have known about the benefits of CBD is finally becoming known to mainstream.

I sat down with Sadie to learn a little more about it.

How did you get involved with CBD oil in PV?

I had some personal health reasons – mild anxiety, sleeplessness, and pain management. I was taking Ibuprofen for some of the pain management, but you know that’s so harsh on your organs. So I started researching what I had been hearing more and more, that CBD oil can be a natural solution to what I was experiencing.

I chose the company Omodiol because it is an organic, full-spectrum cannabis oil, meaning it includes not only CBD, but also THC, terpenes, flavonoids and the other numerous compounds found in cannabis that work together synergistically to create the “entourage effect.” It is made in Mazatlan by a small family of chemists and was registered as a pharmacy in 2017 with COFEPRIS.

When I finally tried CBD oil I was surprised to find it worked faster and better than pharmaceutical inflammatories. Upon further research, I learned that CBD works specifically with our bodies’ endocannabinoid system, which regulates memory, emotion, appetite, sleep, pain-sensation and other cognitive processes. In this way, CBD oil actually treats the symptoms, helping to balance fluctuations in the aforementioned instead of masking or inhibiting them like most pharmaceutical medication.

When I started singing its praises, friends, family and acquaintances started asking me about how to obtain some themselves, and that’s when I really started seeing the need for education, and quality CBD products here in Mexico. I think most US and Canadians are familiar with such products but bringing it into the country is a risk, and if you use CBD regularly and you are here in PV for months at a time, people need a resource here they can trust.

The simple answer is yes. Mexico legalized medical marijuana in June 2017. Then, in 2018, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional to ban the possession or use of recreational marijuana, and so, in effect, legalized it. In October 2019, legislation was introduced that would make this more detailed, but big businesses who want in on the pie put pressure on the government to slow the passing of the bill until they figure out the true stakes. Essentially, Mexico is still trying to create a proper regulatory framework for how this is all going to work. Either way, Mexico is set to become an international leader in the marijuana industry.

Are there different grades of CBD oil?

Yes, and there are some specific questions you should ask to determine the quality of the product/which one is right for you.

1. What is the concentration?

This is important because you want to find the most suitable option for your specific needs. We offer various concentrations, from 300mg/30ml, all the way up to 2000mg/30ml. The lower concentration is great for mild issues, or if you are trying CBD for the first time and are unsure of the effects it will have on your body/mind. Our stronger concentrations are for people dealing with more severe issues, ranging from autoimmune disorders to cancer.

2. Is it derived from hemp or whole flower?

Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, which is why it became popular before marijuana because legal in many countries. Whole flower cannabis however contains hundreds of important compounds including THC. I don’t personally believe in hemp products because you need to use an incredible amount of hemp to produce a very small amount of CBD, which is problematic as hemp is a bio-accumulator (it absorbs toxins from the air and soil around it). In addition, THC has been shown to work together with CBD to create the most profound benefits. Various strains of cannabis produce various amounts of THC. The THC levels in our oils aren’t enough to make you high unless you take a very large amount, but they are necessary in order to gain the full benefits of the oil.

3. If the oil is derived from whole flower, what is the THC ratio?

The ratio of CBD to THC ranges from oil to oil, some reaching as high as 1:1. Ours generally runs at about 2:1. It has a higher THC percentage than many products on the market, as more and more studies confirm that THC is just as, if not more important than CBD in its health benefits.

4. What is the CBD oil diluted with?

Carrier oils range from brand to brand, from olive oil to coconut oil, to grapeseed oil. Our carrier oil is organic grapeseed oil, which has many benefits on its own, and is safe for both human and animal ingestion.

What are some of the benefits from taking CBD oil?

This is what I love about this product – it has so many health benefits. My clients use the oil for across the spectrum issues, ranging from pain management, inflammation, muscle and nerve repair, anxiety, mood, sleep, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and cancer, as well as a host of skin issues such as acne, cirrhosis, dryness.  There’s so much more that it’s probably easier to give you a list of things it doesn’t help, and the studies keep pouring in.

How do I consume the oil?

It’s best to put the drops under your tongue, or the inside of your lip. We also offer capsules, face/body lotion and infused coffee. You can also use our oil topically on the affected area, especially for skin conditions and arthritis. Some people don’t like the taste, so you can dilute it in a bit of water or juice but the absorption rate is slower in the stomach. Heat causes a change in the chemical makeup of just about anything, so I would recommend you keep the oil in a cool, dry place and administer it at room temperature.

How do I order it?

The easiest way is to contact me. I am the main distributor of Omodiol for Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias and La Cruz, and I deliver! You can also order it directly from our website, if you are outside of these areas (shipping is not included).

Sadie is a year-round resident of PV.  She helps each of her clients thoroughly research their needs.  You can reach out to her at [email protected] for more information and a complete product list. Also, check out the official facebook group, Cannabis Oil in Mexico *The Phoenix Rises* for all the latest information, studies, and articles regarding this incredible oil!

This content is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your medical care provider regarding a medical condition.

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