Catch Me If You Can: August 8-11 2019

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If you can’t mix business and pleasure, you’re in the wrong business, and so my job as lead lifestyle scout for WeLovePV takes me to some pretty fun places during the course of a weekend (which, of course, extends from Thursday to Sunday because of my impeccable work-life balance).

Thursday, Aug 8, 2019

Nutrition is key to a life well-lived, so I made the responsible choice and kicked off the day’s agenda with a visit to The Real Deal California Burritos (Calle Honduras 257 A, 5 de Diciembre) for a meal that combines practically every food group into a convenient portable package. I called it stellar to the guy’s face, and I’m not taking it back.

Fully fueled, I made my way over to Jack’s place to discuss, among many other things, a meetup for Vallarta-The Real Deal, not to be confused with the burrito place.

You know what, never mind, the damn things are so delicious I would be honored if my Facebook community group would be confused with the people who make them.

In any event, we’re set to rendezvous the crew at La Traviata’s (Calle Honduras 309, 5 de Diciembre) for pizza and pours on Friday the 23rd and you’re definitely invited.

Next up was the weekly meeting of the WeLovePV team at Bar La Playa (Lázaro Cárdenas 179, Zona Romántica), they make one of 2019’s Top 10 margaritas in town dontcha know. Exciting times at the office…not only have we gotten about 1500(!) followers in our first 2 weeks, we’re also looking forward to unveiling something really special over at the tile park across the street soon so stay tuned on that front and check it out if you haven’t.

Friday, Aug 9, 2019

As on every Friday my duties as CSC of Vallarta CoWork (Morelos 101, Centro) require me to lead a few locals to lunch, but since I do what I want I took them for breakfast at 1:00 instead.


The eggs benedict over at Vallarta Pancake House ( Basilio Badillo 289, Zona Romántica) is a winner, especially since they have a full bar that starts serving at 8am. That’s a bit too early for even me–most days–but hey, a drink with breakfast just makes it brunch.

After lunch, I killed some time by the beach before attending the joint birthday party of Joe and Sasha over at 1000 Caguamas (Uruguay 162, 5 de Diciembre). If you’re not hip, I hate to tell you you’re not doing as much as you can to save the world…every purchase of the big beer bottles on which the establishment takes a focus nets local sea turtle rescue programs 5 pesos, and since I’m a true giver I had myself a few.

Also had some tasty habanero aguachile, but that was just for me.

Saturday, Aug 10, 2019

Plans for a rooftop grill session got canceled due to rain–what can ya do, it’s Vallarta–but if you’re interested there’s this great new series on Netflix called “A Little Help with Carol Burnett” where kids tell adults how to deal with their real-life issues…as someone who finds the mind of a child quite useful in my day-to-day dealings, I find it both insightful and hilarious.

Sunday, Aug 11, 2019

I did manage to get back out of the house on Sunday to attend Corie’s baby shower in the beachfront event space at Condos La Palapa (Amapas 124, Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata)…it’s a boy but I got the kid some hot pink stuff because you know what, every color can be for everybody and that’s final.

I’m not a huge baby shower guy, but among the few I’ve been to it definitely stands out as the best…taco bar, unlimited refills, a pool with a view, all with some of the best company in Vallarta…gotta love it. In fact, I enjoyed the affair so much I encouraged her to have more babies as soon as possible. Congratulations, you two!

Well, that’s all for this weekend but as always I’m looking forward to the next….maybe I’ll catch you–oop, wrong column.

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