The Real Deal California Burrito

Real Deal California Burritos PV

Craving that Real Deal California Burrito?

Look no further.

I’ve driven by this place a bunch of times and every time I see it I think man I been wanting to try one of their burritos.  Well, today was the day.  Great little spot in Cinco de Diciembre.  I opted to try their flagship burrito, “The Real Deal“.  It did not disappoint.  Steak and french fries along with all the fixings you want, all for only $80 MXN pesos.  The real deal California burrito is huge, as you can see by the picture and it was amazing.  For those of you watching your carbs, they have burrito bowls too!  Another cool thing is they have a punch card club.  Buy 1o and your 11th is free.  They’re open Monday-Saturday 12 PM to 6 PM and closed on Sundays.

If you live in Cinco de Diciembre or are on that side of town, stop in and have Reign cook you up one of the specialties.

What are your favorite burrito places?

Don’t forget to grab your punch card!

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