Catch Me If You Can: September 26 – 29 2019

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I especially savored this weekend as my first free time since the mosaic madness that ate up most of last week’s installment, and the first monthly meetup for the We Love PV community afforded me ample opportunity to get back to mixing plenty of pleasure in with my business.

Thursday, Sept 26, 2019

The weekly staff meeting for this fine piece of the Internet started off with Darren and Charlotte entrusting me with creative control over our “People of Vallarta” video interview series, where the mouth of the operation (that’s me) sits down with local artists, musicians, business owners and other folks who help make this sunny city by the sea what it is.

It’s one of my favorite parts of this job because there have been beer and/or burritos involved 100 percent of the time.

Before breaking for the week, the team also finalized preparations for Saturday’s We Love PV meetup over at the brewery, because parties are definitely my department as well.

Friday, Sept 27, 2019

As always, my duties as chief social coordinator of Vallarta CoWork (and class president of PVHS) led me down to 101 Morelos in Centro to lead the weekly lunch group. This time around we went to Figueroa’s Burritos (Venustiano Carranza 302, Zona Romántica) because, as was noted just a few sentences ago, I very much enjoy burritos.

I thought I had my order ready to roll until I remembered that Figueroa’s has chimichangas on the menu, which is pretty much the same thing except deep-fried. Any fat kid knows that deep-frying improves just about any foodstuff, and the theory held sound here as a quarter-chicken arrived at the table in a crispy flour tortilla shell that also contained a fair amount of veggies because you gotta sneak them in somewhere.

Saturday, Sept 28, 2019

Saturday afternoon arrived and it was time for the weekend’s main event, the inaugural We Love PV monthly meetup at Monzón (Venustiano Carranza 239, Zona Romantica), so I strapped on the neon green headband I won at a party last week and headed on down the hill to raise a glass as well as awareness about our goings-on here at We Love PV.

A surprising amount of people turned out for the affair given that it was still technically low season, with no less than 25 people packing the upstairs Mosaic Room at the brewery for most of the day. What I found especially encouraging was the diversity of the attendees, with festive folks of all ages coming down to raise a glass and say hey.

Although there was plenty of fun to be had, it was also a fertile atmosphere for networking. I was able to rouse up some interest for latest CoWork field trip, a group trip to see “Joker,” as well as a nailing firm for the upcoming tango night at CoWork. In less positive news, I was beaten in a game of beer pong by first-time player (at least that’s what she said) Tish, bringing shame upon my tribe.

Disappointing party game performances aside, we definitely have to do that again soon.

Sunday, Sept 29, 2019

After putting in a full shift for the meetup (and emptying what had to be half a dozen tall pours of high-impact craft beer) I decided Sunday would be a great day for laundry and YouTube…hey, if you’ve been reading this you know I hadn’t even gone grocery shopping in the better part of a month. I did at least manage to chat with a local promoter about restarting my onstage career by forming a band, but I’m sure there will be plenty of time to tell you about that another week.

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