Immigration & Visas FAQs

in Puerto Vallarta


Expired or soon-to-expire passport

Some airlines enforce a 6 month valid rule, so it’s best to check in with them before your flight.  They may not let you board your flight.  You might be okay, but why risk it?  Take a look at your passport – if you have less than 6 months until the expiration date, get it renewed now.

Lost or stolen passport. What do I do?

If you are US or CAN, you need to go to your consulate to get a replacement.  The US consulate is in Nuevo on the 2nd floor of the Paradise Village Mall.  An emergency replacement is about $150.  They aren’t open on the weekends, only until 1pm during the week.


To fly within Mexico, you only need a photo ID.


It’s good practice to keep a copy of all of your ID on your phone and with someone back home.  This can help to speed up the process of a replacement.  You will still need to replace your passport from the US once you return, the temporary passport issued here is only good for 1 year.

How long does a tourist visa last?

A visitor visa will last 180 days.  If you plan to stay longer, you need to apply for a Temporary Permanent Visa through a US consulate.  You can also just make a trip back to the US to start the clock back at 180 days.

How do I get residency?

You must begin the application process at a US Mexican Consulate.  Complete the form, present your photos and pay the fee.  Upon arrival in Mexico, you will have 30 days to start the application process in Mexico.  It takes about another 30 days until you have your Resident card.  If you must leave the country before your card arrives, you will need get special permission to do so.

Please see our Directory for people that can assist you with this process.