I Moved to Puerto Vallarta

I Moved to Puerto Vallarta

That time I quit my job, packed up my house and moved to PV.

Okay, the decision wasn’t that clean. My husband came down to PV to take a look at our property and discovered some issues. He stayed a bit longer to work those out and came back to Maine. He was clearly ready to make the move full time to PV – even though we hadn’t made a plan to do so for some time yet.

He was back in Puerto Vallarta with family in December while I was running our business back home. I’ll skip over the messy part – let’s just say that a number of events led me to see that NOW was the time to make our move. Our property issue wasn’t going away and needed for us to be present. And spending another winter in Maine wasn’t what I wanted. I felt like I was away from my ‘home’ – a sentiment that many people use to describe how they feel about this place.

So my point is, I wasn’t ready. And I wonder if I had done things by my plan if I would have been any more ready. For the first time in my life, I made a quick decision. I didn’t think it through to every detail, I didn’t go to therapy. I didn’t recruit my friends to pound reason into me. I let go of everything I knew about me and just leaped. From what felt like a very high, scary building.

Guess what? I landed on both feet. We packed our condo and put everything into storage, loaded 5 suitcases and our dog onto a plane January 2 and began our life here.

I’ve never lived anywhere for any amount of time other than Maine. So MOVING to another place, let alone another country, felt (still feels) like a big deal. And I love it here. And I love that I was able to set fear and safe planning aside to make it happen.

Do you have plans or experiences about making a move to PV?  Let’s hear them!

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Charlotte Guptill

I fell in love with PV on my first trip in 2008 and came back to visit every chance I got. I moved here January 2019 - and I'm experiencing so many things that I want to share. If you feel like you can add to my posts with your own experiences, feel free.

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