Fá Mora, owner of La Central Casa Creativa and Creative Director of Nectar, is the type of person who stays busy.

She in heavily involved in her local community on many levels – and dedicated to bringing creativity to our sea side town. She feels that anyone can be creative and if you attend one of her workshops, you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

A graduate of the University of Guadalajara, there were temptations to stay there for the art and culture. But Fà has a great love for PV and wanted to bring her vision back here. And lucky for us.

Ten years in the making, be sure to check out their website and Facebook page for upcoming workshops, exhibitions, talks and design experimentation. The workshops include the “Knvaz”, an experimental workshop with surprise materials. The “Females” sessions generate power among women. The “Tonal” workshop is an annual exhibition of emerging art.

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