Interview With Yazmín of Artisan Keto

Yazmín chiefly accepts orders via her page Artisan Keto and on What’sApp.

In a town where it can be tricky to follow dedicated meal plans, Yazmín of Artisan Keto wants to take the restrictions out of your diet. Indulgent quiches, double-cheesy pizza, and even low-carb, gluten-free substitutes for tortillas come out of her kitchen, all of which are delicious…or our AJ wouldn’t haven gone to the edge of the continent to catch up with her at Sol Shack!

Yazmín shares her secrets to making gluten free goodies taste great and tells her many fans in the area where to find her next (including at this Saturday’s Nomad Bazaar! and in the new breakfast menu at Sol Shack in the latest “People of Vallarta video interview!

Artisan Keto also accepts pre-orders on the full menu, which can be sent via the Facebook page or on What’sApp at 322.143.8153.

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