Mexico runs on cash.

60% of Mexicans don’t have a bank account which can make paying things like utility bills tricky. You can go to the actual company and wait your turn at the counter but there is a far more convenient way to pay.


With over 7,000 locations in Mexico and one every couple of blocks (or so it seems) in PV, it doesn’t get more convenient.

If you’re lucky enough to set up your bills to pay online – great. Except that if you have multiple accounts, it doesn’t always work that smoothly. I still haven’t figured out why some months Telemex will allow me to pay both bills and other months it won’t.

paying bills at oxxo is EASY. You just show them the bill – paper or digital from your phone (there is usually a bar code that they scan), give them the cash and collect your receipt. There is a small service charge, usually 10-12 pesos.

The utility companies love it because there is no chance of charge backs or returned checks.

Currently about 3,000 Oxxos are allowing people to paying bills at oxxo  for online purchase, for example They return to the store for pick up. A great service if they live in an area that leaving a package might mean they never receive it. Look for that service to come to PV.

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