Spotlight on Nuevo Vallarta

Spotlight on Nuevo Vallarta

Spotlight on Nuevo Vallarta

Just 15 minutes north of the city’s airport rests the expanding development  a planned community developed with luxury tourists and long term visitors in mind. Nuevo Vallarta was built on some of the most desirable stretches of sand on the Pacific coast, giving those who call the area home a polished perspective on what Mexico has to offer.

Nuevo Vallarta Basics

Located across the state line in Nayarit, Nuevo Vallarta is as much a standalone municipality as it is an extension of the Puerto Vallarta area. The region has received enormous developmental attention in recent years, turning it into one of the foremost tourist destinations in the area. The Nuevo Vallarta area is home to a number of high end resorts, although it is an increasingly popular area for long term residential development as well.

Getting to Nuevo Vallarta

Although this neighborhood is not technically part of Puerto Vallarta proper, traveling  from the city is certainly enough. Taxis from the airport will transport visitors from directly outside the terminal to all points within Nuevo Vallarta for less than 250 pesos, and city cabs have even lower rates. Travelers can also reach Nuevo Vallarta from one of the regional bus routes that depart from outside the Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta’s Marina Zone.

Nuevo Vallarta Amenities

The most prominent attraction is its expensive beach, which comprises a wide, walkable stretch of golden sand with a low slope and a generally friendly surf. Along with a selection of nearby shopping centers and superstores, the development is also the site of the United States consulate, where visiting Americans can access passport and general traveler assistance services.

One of the most popular activities among families and children of all ages remains the dolphin swimming habitat that allows visitors to share an unforgettable experience with these celebrated marine mammals, and Nuevo Vallarta is also home to Aquaventura, one of the area’s largest water parks. This emerging hot spot is also home to a crocodile preserve, where visitors can take a swamp tour to discover these prehistoric beasts as well as other local wildlife exclusive to the region.

This Neighborhood is Best For

Nuevo Vallarta’s modern construction and careful community planning give it access to the latest amenities such as high-speed Internet in virtually all establishments and meticulously manicured public spaces, making it a natural destination among retirees and remote workers. Its extensive array of activities, such as malls and movie theatres also make it an ideal landing spot for a visiting family.

Nuevo Vallarta is designed as a comfortable tourist destination for incoming guests, but can present an attractive lifestyle to long term visitors as well. Making your home brings the character of Mexican life together with the amenities of a planned development, making it especially appealing to newcomers discovering what life in the country is all about.

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