Spotlight on Puerto Vallarta’s Fluvial Vallarta Neighborhood

spotlight on puerto vallarta's fluvial vallarta

Spotlight on Puerto Vallarta’s Fluvial Vallarta Neighborhood

The friendly confines of Fluvial Vallarta have been welcoming guests from across the country and around the world since its initial development at the height of the Puerto Vallarta construction boom, standing as a prime example of well-considered residential planning. This fully modernized development offers its residents big-city infrastructure touches a network of smooth, freshly paved streets and hidden underground wiring, bringing the slick presentation of other Mexican travel destinations together with the rich culture of the Puerto Vallarta area.

Fluvial Vallarta Basics

Fluvial Vallarta is perhaps the ultimate expression of community development in the city, incorporating all the services that visitors commonly demand like international retailers, a selection of local establishments and thoughtfully implemented zoning laws. This means that development in the area is almost exclusively residential, and as a result locals enjoy a substantially lower average noise level than in other areas of the city.

The aesthetic of the neighborhood was the subject of heavy consideration in the development phase, and remains a point of emphasis today. Instead of the night life venues and industrial development that are common sights elsewhere in Puerto Vallarta, Fluvial Vallarta makes extensive use of manicured public spaces and art installations that make the neighborhood a visual joy for many newcomers to the area. Its location midway between the Marina Vallarta and Centro districts also makes it one of the most navigation friendly colonias in the area.

Getting to Fluvial Vallarta

The location of Fluvial Vallarta is one of its most attractive aspects. Located a few blocks inland from the main highway framing the coast of the city, Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascensio, the neighborhood is accessible through multiple modes of transportation. Airport taxis can transport incoming visitors directly from their arrival terminals to their destination in Fluvial Vallarta in less than half an hour at a cost of less than 300 pesos, and city cabs offer an even more preferable rate for trips within the city. Fluvial Vallarta can also be easily reached on the city’s public transportation routes, and bus lines serving the city are conducted in clearly marked vehicles that are usually blue or green with white trim.

Fluvial Vallarta Amenities

This coveted colonia is a desired destination in the area for its outstanding location as well as its visual charms. The neighborhood offers its guests access to the city’s most frequently visited beaches with a short walk of 10 minutes of less, and the La Isla shopping center is set to welcome shoppers to an array of retail and entertainment options in December 2016. For outdoor enthusiasts, Fluvial Vallarta is also home to some of the city’s finest hiking and biking trails as well as a selection of public parks and other green spaces maintained by the city.

This Neighborhood is Best For

The meticulously planned design of Fluvial Vallarta makes it an ideal landing area for individuals looking for larger homes in the city, as split level homes with multiple bedrooms are the most common dwellings in the area. Fluvial Vallarta also gives visitors with mobility issues the greatest number of viable options, as the streets are built to provide easy passage for pedestrian traffic as well as wheeled conveyances. Fluvial Vallarta boasts an unrivaled selection of elite private schools and daycare options, and so it is highly in demand among families looking to take up roots in the area as well.

Fluvial Vallarta is built from the ground up to serve the needs of incoming visitors, and it delivers in all aspects. This neighborhood is a potential glimpse at the future of Puerto Vallarta, making it a natural choice for those looking for a custom-tailored experience with this tropical paradise.

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