Spotlight on Puerto Vallarta’s Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Spotlight on Puerto Vallarta’s Buenos Aires Neighborhood

The Buenos Aires area, tucked into the inland hills of the city, provides an entirely different flavor of life than most other colonias in the city popular with incoming visitors. Dominated by residential development, this neighborhood relies much more on its local community, and virtually all businesses in the area are family owned. Buenos Aires is also significantly cooler in temperature than many other areas of the city thanks to its lush, jungle-like environment.

Buenos Aires Basics

It’s easy to overlook this neighborhood when considering a colonia to call home, but it has an appeal all its own. Small stores and street food stands line almost every street in the area, and locals can often be found enjoying life down near the cool, flowing waters of the local river, the Rio Cuale. The river and verdant abundance of flowering and fruit-bearing trees contributes greatly to the refreshing nature of the air in the area, giving the neighborhood its name.

Getting to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is not as easy to reach as other neighborhoods, but for some this adds to the area’s appeal. Taxis from the airport can cost from 100 to 300 pesos depending on whether the ride is taken in a city cab or dedicated airport taxi, and rates are much lower within the city. The Buenos Aires neighborhood is also accessible through the R-04 bus, which runs its routes chiefly through downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Buenos Aires Amenities

The most attractive feature of the Buenos Aires neighborhood is the enchanting environment itself. The streets of the area are filled with the scent of flowering plants, and the district as a whole is nearly immune from the occasional bouts with oppressive heat that faces other areas of the city during the warmest months of the year thanks to its sun-shielded placement.

The river is lined with naturally occurring fruit trees, and the simple joy of enjoying a fresh picked fruit by the Rio Cuale is not to be underestimated. The neighborhood does have some popular establishments such as the well-reviewed Mordidas Bar & Grill, but there’s no denying that the big draw to this coveted colonia is its wild, unspoiled backdrop.

This Neighborhood is Best For

The Buenos Aires neighborhood is an ideal choice for those who have little desire to live amongst the buzz of the city’s more dynamic neighborhoods full time, but would still like easy access to the action. Downtown Puerto Vallarta, the city’s beaches and much more can be accessed with a 20-minute walk or 10-minute bus ride, so taking a day trip to the city is simple and convenient.

This district is also a great choice for lovers of nature, as there may be no better area of the city proper to experience the broad range of flora and fauna characteristic of the neighborhood. From the palm covered hills that surround Buenos Aires to the gently babbling river that provides an excellent soundtrack for sleeping for local residents, splendor abounds in this idyllic colonia.

While it may not have the thriving night life and range of amenities for which most neighborhoods of the city are known, Buenos Aires is more than worthy of consideration as a long term landing area. For those who want to avoid tourist traps and endless celebrations, this neighborhood is an outstanding place to call home.

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