Troppy, Kami, Craig and AJ of ThumbTack Theater Pull Back The Curtain On An Inspired New Vision Of Theater In PV

Our head lifestyle scout AJ Freeman sits down with Kami and Troppy to talk about the new ThumbTack Theater and upcoming shows.

Introducing ThumbTack Theater: Vallarta’s newest performance collective to present debut production.

Four seasoned theater professionals and Vallarta residents have teamed up to bring theater experiences with an indie aesthetic
to the Banderas Bay area.

ThumbTack Theater, the newest performance group in Puerto Vallarta, is thrilled to present their debut production, “Toothpaste and Cigars,” written by TJ Dawe and Mike Rinaldi, to be performed in the upstairs space at Nacho Daddy, Basilio Badillo 287, running October 21 – November 2, Mondays/Wednesdays at 7PM, and Saturdays at 9PM. The play is directed by Kami Desilets, will feature actors AJ Jordan and Melissa “troppy” Tropp, and technical direction by Craig Szczepanski.

The cofounders of ThumbTack Theater – Troppy, AJ, Craig, and Kami – are veterans of professional theater in Canada, the US, and right here in Vallarta. Troppy and AJ have worked extensively in Chicago’s storefront theater scene, while Craig and Kami have a rich background in fringe theater. After relocating to Puerto Vallarta and meeting each other, they realized that, while there is already so much great live entertainment here in Vallarta, their areas of experience have a lot in common: intimate theater experiences with minimal technical aspects, in favor of a stronger focus on story and process. They weren’t seeing that kind of theater represented here, so they set about creating it.

About The Play

“Toothpaste and Cigars” follows two people who meet at a party and immediately recognize a kindred spirit. Over the course of a year – through witty conversations, holidays, amusing emails, phone calls, and ridiculous gifts – their bond strengthens until, at one last party, it reaches an inevitable turning point.

Running October 21 – November 2 at Nacho Daddy
Mondays/Wednesdays at 7
Saturdays at 9
Tickets are $350 pesos, and can be purchased at Nacho Daddy.

About ThumbTack Theater

ThumbTack Theater is a new performing arts collective in Puerto Vallarta. Together, our founders have multiple decades of professional experience in all areas of theater. We value stories, characters, connection, and imagination. Our artistic goal is to connect with our audiences by presenting accessible, affordable, and genuine theatrical experiences.

We are a nomadic group with no permanent home, playing wherever we’re pinned. We look forward to exploring different venues in Vallarta and even discovering new ones.

Keep up with us on FaceBook at

Info courtesy of ThumbTack Theater

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