Sunday Breakfast Buffet at Mango’s Beach Club

Mangos Beach Club

It’s not the first time I had eaten the breakfast buffet at Mango’s Beach Club, but the first post about it.  It’s a nice spot in Cinco de Diciembre for breakfast on the beach.  Mango’s Beach Club has tons of items on the breakfast buffet and too many to list.  A few things you will find there are: fresh fruit, juices, pastries, chicken, pork, waffles, eggs, potatoes, bacon, chilaquiles, and the best of all an omelet station which makes them any way you like.  All you can eat for $150 MXN pesos so you can definitely gorge and roll yourself out the door and down to the sand to relax.  If you’re in the area or looking for different options, their breakfast buffet is definitely worth checking out.

Brunch buffet Mangos Beach Club Puerto Vallarta

What are your favorite breakfast places on the beach?

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