Eating In PV On $15 A Day

La Tostaderia

I wondered…if I ate out 3 meals a day and allowed for a couple of drinks…what would that cost?

It turns out, not that much, about $298 pesos with a 20% tip. That about $15 USD.

I have to be honest – the hot weather doesn’t make me very hungry and I am someone who most definitely loves food. I find it’s best to eat light and more often, at least, that’s what works for me.

I chose places that had a table and a server. Don’t laugh – I could have eaten for less at a taco stand, crouched upon an upside down bucket. I was seeking a little more comfort.

There are so many places I could have gone and kept it right around the same price. That’s the beauty of having so many restaurants available to you here.

See below for restaurant location and contact info.

BREAKFAST at La Tostaderia Cocina Mexicana
I spent $65 pesos. I had 2 eggs, toast, chilaquiles with red sauce and a glass of orange juice. Your typical Mexican breakfast, I’ve been here a couple of times. Always good.

LUNCH at Salud Super Food
I spent $88 pesos on a Chicken Curry Wrap – pulled chicken, red grapes, toasted almonds, green onion combined with a spicy curry yogurt dressing. It was delicious. Opted to drink some water to hydrate. The wrap was so large, I took half of it home with me.

HAPPY HOUR at Bar La Playa
Happy Hour specials from 3-5pm
I was being good and had a $35 peso margarita. Tempted though.

DINNER at Sonorita
$60 pesos bought me a beer and 2 Al Pastor tacos. The atmosphere is nice, large and airy. They often serve you a small bowl of beans with your dinner. They opened just months ago and show signs of being around for a long time. The food, service and atmosphere is just right.

The truth is, I could have skipped dinner and had another drink or two – and finished my Chicken Curry Wrap. But how does one go without their daily taco?

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  • 322-227-9230
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    Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48300

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