Fried Chicken Dinner at Manny’s Bar & Grill

Manny's Bar & Grill

Fried Chicken In Puerto Vallarta?

I grew up in New England so my experience of fried chicken dinners is a little limited. Fried clams? Yes. When your Texan friend mentions that Manny’s Bar & Grill has a fried chicken special they serve every Friday for lunch, you listen. They might know a thing or two about a fried chicken dinner.

I met up with my friend for lunch last Friday. I was enthusiastically greeted by our waiter who promptly brought me a glass of cold water. He was attentive through our entire lunch, checking in after our first bites, refilling my water glass, making light conversation. I was impressed with his desire to make us happy. Manny personally came by our table (as well as the others) to ask us how our meal was and then again when we paid our bill, to thank us for coming in.

Talk about GREAT service!

Your generous portion of chicken comes with mashed potato (the real thing) with gravy and steamed corn on the cob. I had enough to take home and enjoy for dinner. Dark meat meal will set you back 85 pesos, white meat 95 pesos.

I understand they serve a mean Prime Rib, I’ll have to check that out. It’s best to check out their Facebook page to see what they are serving up daily.

You have your choice to dine outdoors or in the AC. I think you’ll make friends easily with the patrons and the staff, put it on the list.

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