Catch Me If You Can: September 12 – 15 2019

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Another fantastic free period began the moment I wrapped up the week’s whimsical writings over at Vallarta CoWork (Morelos 101, Centro) and slung my superhero shield over a shoulder to head over to Bar La Playa (still at Lázaro Cárdenas 179, Zona Romántica, I checked).

Thursday, Sept 12, 2019

This week’s meeting was particularly productive, as I unveiled my preliminary route plan for the upcoming “We Love PV Taco Tuesday Street Food Scouting Experience.” Sure, the name is a bit of a mouthful but since the entire concept involves tasty mouthfuls I feel it fits. After my presentation to the team, I headed around the corner for a seat at Sonorita (Pino Suárez 234, Zona Romántica), which is incidentally the final stop on the shared scouting agenda.

However, today my trip to the taco stand was not in a professional capacity, but to stop by and wish a happy birthday to Sean, who was celebrating another full lap around the Sun with a bar crawl around the Olas Altas area. My duties in the morning meant I couldn’t stay for the full procession–my loss–but I did have time to snag their delicious Polluella, a wheat flour tortilla piled high with al pastor marinated chicken and cheese. Oh yeah, gimme one to go too.

Friday, Sept 13, 2019

As always I woke up early Friday afternoon in the most responsible fashion possible: leading the weekly Vallarta CoWork Not-Working Lunch! This time around we migrated over to Mariscos Cisneros (Aguacate 271, Zona Romántica), where multiple CoWorkers took my suggestion to have the entrée of soft-shell crab tacos coated in a spectacularly savory sauce…happy to report my recommendation worked out.

Then again, the vast majority of my recommendations work out…that’s why you’re reading this.

Saturday, Sept 14, 2019

…and also why I have been entrusted as the host of the “We Love PV Taco Tuesday Street Food Scouting Experience!”

Theory became practice as Charlotte and I met up Saturday afternoon for a practice run at all of the stops along the route. Highlights of the beta test included taping of a promo video featuring yours truly hamming it up for the camera as well as featured stop El Cuñado (Francisca Rodríguez 104, Zona Romántica) fixing an errant order by simply dumping a bunch of the desired chorizo atop the misplaced carne asada.

It exemplified the excellent attention to customer care we at We Love PV strive to shine a spotlight on with our chosen destinations during the weekly excursion.

When the last plate had been handed back to the taquero, I hopped on a bus north to the Marina for a housewarming party thrown by new friend Heidi at her home/hosting venue Casa del Zen (Flamingos 187, Marina Vallarta).

It was on this afternoon that I learned that Heidi was a professional chef, and showcased her skills by rolling out a satisfying spread of snacks and skewers along with some of the best chili I’ve tasted on this side of the Rio Grande. I also got wind of a new bookstore opening nearby in the fall by the name of The Living Room, which I will be visiting soon after its’ debut because reading books makes you look ‘telligent.

Sunday, Sept 15, 2019

After a long night at El Soñador knocking back Victoria (which is the plural, in my mind, of a single Victoria) and watching mixed martial artists mash each others’ faces, it felt right to be a little more responsible on Sunday.

With Sunday afternoon having blown its final whistle, I decided to roll down the hill and go grocery shopping at Ley, which is a perfectly valid use of a Sunday evening…only it didn’t turn out that way.

While I was in the midst of doing cool and exciting things like checking avocados for ripeness, I happened upon a few friends, Miguel, Dave, and Nik, who were at the supermarket for a very different purpose. You see, this Sunday was the main celebration night for Mexican Independence Day, which means I should have known better than to think I was going to accomplish anything.

Lured with promises of wine, women, and song, I casually tossed the avocado over my shoulder into the bin, my adulting suddenly irrelevant. We stopped over at the closest deposito and grabbed as much party water as we could physically carry before making our way to Miguel’s place in 5D to celebrate various forms of independence until the wee hours of the morning.

I made liberal use of the provided decorations, made some sweet beer pong shots, and woke up in time to get writing the next day…what can I say, being the lead lifestyle scout for We Love PV requires a very particular set of skills.

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