Catch Me If You Can: January 2nd-5th 2020

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2020 is here and that means another year of potent possibilities in this sunny city by the sea. After slacking off for a few weeks (and being damn grateful for the opportunity), this weekend was a chance to finally shift into gear for whatever this is I’m doing with my life.

Thursday, Jan 2, 2020

As everyone local to the area knows, New Years’ Day 2020 was completely canceled by a surprisingly persistent off-season storm, and so this Thursday had to serve as the first day of the year. In observation of this special occasion, I donned my ceremonial crown–okay fine, I bought it from the party store–and conveyed my highness down to the weekly #WeLovePV meeting at Bar La Playa (Lázaro Cárdenas 179).

The topic of the day was the ongoing Project Puzzle Factory, a colorful office initiative set to manifest itself in Parque Lázaro Cárdenas across the street from the bar sometime soon. It’s really killing me not to spill the beans on this one, but trust me, it’ll be a really cool development once it finally comes into the picture, wink wink nudge nudge.

Friday, Jan 3, 2020

Rounding out the last of my yearly four-week semi-shutdown, I skipped the scheduled weekly Not-Working lunch down at the CoWork space…never fear, we started back up for the first full week of the year, you can both hear about it and participate next week. Anyway, I still eat when I’m not on duty, so I decided to give El Dogo Norteno (San Salvador # 240, 5 de Diciembre) a try since I do like myself a chili dog…at 70p for a huge dog and chori-cheese fries it’s something cheap and delicious, my favorite.

Saturday, Jan 4, 2020

After a few days’ recovery from 2020 kickoff craziness, I was ready to get out there and talk to someone besides myself, so I loaded up on one of Centro’s best-kept secrets–12 peso chicken mole/machaca/costilla en salsa verde tacos at Los Laureles ( Calle Juárez 820, Centro)–and made my way to Arte Viviente, where twin Kims Wison and McDaniel were fully engaged in the work of running a creative cooperative.

The visit mandated a good look around as it always does…a regular rotation of 50+ artists in a range of mediums is bound to offer plenty of aesthetic indulgence. I also managed to talk myself into another guest bartender slot at the gallery’s grand opening party and artist meetup on Wednesday the 15th…free drinks in talented company, gotta love it.

Sunday, Jan 5, 2020

The previous afternoon’s margaritas were certainly not my last drinks of the day, and so Sunday morning El Taquito Hidalguense met my nutrient needs with slow-roasted barbacoa tacos served with a side of consommé. It was the perfect start to a day that included polishing up my new book, writing a reggae album (seriously!) and of course, preparing to relocate to my new digs over in Palo Seco….lots of big moves in this Lifestyle Scout’s near future.

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