Puerto Vallarta’s Most Popular Facebook Group, an Interview With Tricia Lyman

If you live in PV, you’ve probably heard of Tricia Lyman.  Not only is she deeply rooted in the community here, she runs the most popular Facebook group, Puerto Vallarta:  Everything you Need and Want to Know.

Tricia has lived in PV since 2013 with her husband, Mike.  Just prior to her 1st year anniversary of living here, she was inspired by a friend to provide information for people, like herself, that wanted to live or vacation here.  Facebook was the perfect channel to do so.

As of today, she has 52,259 members on her page and there’s no stopping it.  On average, she fields over 4000 posts per month.  It has become the go-to source for any burning question you need answered…now.

We sat down with Tricia to talk about how her group has changed since the day she created it and what other projects she has going on.

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Charlotte Guptill

I fell in love with PV on my first trip in 2008 and came back to visit every chance I got. I moved here January 2019 - and I'm experiencing so many things that I want to share. If you feel like you can add to my posts with your own experiences, feel free.

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