Spotlight on Puerto Vallarta’s Versalles Neighborhood

Versalles Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s Versalles Neighborhood

The rapidly rising neighborhood known as Versalles is tucked just inland from the popular hotel zone, making it an area of the city that is still being discovered by savvy travelers. Versalles is a traditional residential colonia rich with touches of old world Mexico such as classic architecture and an emphasis on tropical landscaping. It is also an especially walkable neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta, with its scenic streets populated by small shops, restaurants and the area’s unmistakable spirit.

Versalles Basics

Versalles rose to prominence in the area in the wake of Puerto Vallarta’s development explosion, representing one of the first indications that the city’s growth was far more than a short term fad. Unlike many other neighborhoods popular among incoming visitors, Versalles is predominantly populated by locals, and so prices for properties in this area are typically lower than in neighborhoods that have become inundated with immigrants.

Getting to Versalles

Versalles is not as eminently accessible as neighborhoods like Marina Vallarta and Old Town, but is certainly easy enough to navigate. Taxis from the airport commonly cost between 90 and 250 pesos depending on whether a city cab or airport-dedicated taxi is used for the trip, and the ride lasts less than 20 minutes from practically any point within city limits. Versalles is also accessible by city bus, and routes with service along this route run chiefly on major thoroughfares such as Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascensio and the vehicles are clearly marked.

Versalles Amenities

The most attractive part of life in Versalles for a long term visitor is its convenient location. The colonia is located just outside the epicenter of the city itself, putting it within minutes of can’t-miss attractions including the Malecon boardwalk, Los Muertos Beach and the iconic Church of Guadalupe. The scenery of the setting is another of its strongest attributes, as the streets are vibrant with local plant life as well as the pulse of everyday life in this dynamic coastal Mexican locale.

This Neighborhood is Best For

This up and coming colonia has remained one of Puerto Vallarta’s best kept secrets for years, but recent times have generated extraordinary interest in the area. Versalles borders more active neighborhoods such as Fluvial Vallarta, the Hotel Zone and downtown Puerto Vallarta, placing residents away from the noise and close to the action. This makes the neighborhood a great choice for retirees, couples and individuals looking into Puerto Vallarta as a longer term or permanent home.

Versalles may not be the first neighborhood you hear about upon arrival in Puerto Vallarta, but that aspect is exactly what draws in a specific type of traveler. Offering an unrivaled combination of convenient location, familiar amenities and excellent value, the neighborhood of Versalles is quickly gaining recognition as a premier destination for incoming long term visitors.

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