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Punta Mita Mexico

Spotlight Punta Mita

Known in some circles as the “Star of the Pacific Coast” of Mexico, Punta Mita has become one of the most glamourous destinations in the country. After its “discovery” in the tourism boom that made Puerto Vallarta an international travel destination, this community in the neighboring state of Nayarit quickly became the in demand neighborhood among guests seeking the best.

Punta Mita is regularly spotlighted in global publications catering to high-income audiences, and as a result many stars of entertainment and foreign dignitaries reside in the area. Although this community is outside of the city itself, hordes of long term visitors flock to the five-star confines of the area, as it consistently presents a standard of living that is nothing short of luxurious.

Punta Mita Basics

Accommodations in Punta Mita often stun newcomers with their outward elegance. The community boasts an abundance of prime homesites, handsomely crafted living spaces, and a dynamic local population, all at price points that are significantly below first class accommodations at other frequently visited vacation hot spots. Indeed, a rental in Punta Mita can represent the most polished vision of life in coastal Mexico.

Getting to Punta Mita

For the convenience of incoming visitors, the Puerto Vallarta area offers both PVR, the local airport serving both domestic and international commercial air traffic, and Aerotron, a nearby air field catering exclusively to private and charter flights. Once you’ve arrived in Puerto Vallarta, it’s just a 28-mile ride to the suburb of Punta Mita, and this ride typically costs about 900 pesos for the half-hour trip.

Punta Mita can also be accessed through regional Puerto Vallarta bus routes. Travelers can make use of the lines departing from outside the Sam’s Club and Walmart complex in Puerto Vallarta’s Marina district for a fare of just 35 pesos, or less than $2 USD as of December 2016. Here, bus routes serving destinations across the Banderas Bay can be found, and buses heading in the direction of Punta Mita will be clearly marked.

Punta Mita Amenities

Punta Mita is a carefully planned community that takes a focus on sustainable development and environmental conservation, and so the unique appeal of Punta Mita is in its signature combination of natural wonders and high end living. There are also plentiful green spaces in Punta Mita which serve as social meeting points and event staging areas, reflecting this commitment to working with nature instead of against it.

As one of Mexico’s elite luxury resort destinations, Punta Mita offers an everyday lifestyle beyond compare. Palatial estates and coveted condos with views of the ocean meet family owned shops and restaurants outside the gates of the community. The area is also of high interest to golf hobbyists, as Punta Mita is the site of two full 18-hole golf courses designed and endorsed by Jack Nicklaus, a legend of the sport.

For visitors who may not want to seclude themselves for their entire stay in the area, nearby Punta de Mita can hold a wealth of interest for a fun day trip. This small jurisdiction just outside Punta Mita itself is dominated by area locals who enjoy traditional Mexican lifestyles with characteristic celebrations and a signature spirit, making it an interesting visit for those fascinated by authentic local culture.

This Neighborhood is Best For

For those who demand the absolute finest in amenities in their international travels, there may be no better destination in the Banderas Bay area than Punta Mita. This well-manicured neighborhood offers access to the visual splendor of the Mexican coast alongside some of the most fabulous homes anywhere in the country, making it the frequent choice of high profile visitors, as the experience of making a home in the area is well worth the premium.

As a planned community, Punta Mita is exceptionally accessible when compared to other destinations in the area, making it an attractive landing zone for visitors with limited mobility. Its wide sidewalks and relatively flat terrain make it easy to navigate with wheelchairs and other mobility devices, and many establishments in the area, such as bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues, also incorporate accessibility features into their design.

Punta Mita also abounds with rewards for nature lovers. Along with the natural beauty of the development itself, the waters in the area are a celebrated zone for whale watching as the marine mammals make their yearly passage through the bay. Visitors also regularly rave about trips to the Marietas Islands, a national protected zone featuring some of the best snorkeling in the area as well as one of the only two habitats for the rare flightless bird known as the blue footed booby.

Punta Mita may be just minutes from Puerto Vallarta, but it calls luxury travelers in with an allure all its own. Bringing together the beauty of nature with the polish of a designed upscale living development, Punta Mita offers those privileged enough to experience it a peerless standard of everyday life.

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