Don’t shy away from the street food!

Many first time visitors shy away from street food but by doing so, you are missing some of the best food on your trip to Mexico. There are a variety of foods to try from the traditional tacos to desserts. You can’t beat the price, dinner for 2 runs you about $5 bucks.

A clean, safe taco stand will have two things to offer you. First, they will have a container of water and soap to wash your hands before you eat. Second, they will serve food on a plate wrapped in plastic – because water to wash plates on the street is hard to come by.

The most obvious place to eat on the street will be the taco/carnita stands. They sells tacos, volcanes, tortas, quesadillas, carnitas and more. Each stand has its own style – you could eat at 3 different taco stands and they would all be slightly different. Try something to drink at the stands – usually horchata or hibiscus juice (jugo de hibisco).

Corn is a favorite cart. It may be steamed or grilled, on the cob or not, you can add mayonnaise, chili, cheese, cream and more. There are a few carts throughout PV on the streets but I find there are several on the Malecon most evenings.

My neighborhood (El Centro) has a ceviche cart where the line starts at about 2pm every day. The ceviche carts make their ceviche fresh every morning. If you visit the beach, no doubt you’ve seen Ezekiel who sells ceviche that his wife makes.

You will often be asked by women to purchase cookies, muffins, flan, etc – go for it! These are usually some of the best desserts you’ll have here – and made with homemade ingredients and love.

What are your FAVORITE street vendors???

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