Top 10 Places To Get Pizza In Puerto Vallarta 2019

Top 10 Places to Get Pizza in Puerto Vallarta

Did I come to Mexico looking for pizza? No, not really. Still, pizza is one of the signature foods of Earth and will certainly be present at any planetary banquet I am responsible for planning, so somewhere deep down I was passively hoping to have it as an option upon my arrival.

In any event, let’s be real about it…there are some truly pathetic pizzas in town. I’m not going to name them here because you never know who wants to advertise with us, but suffice it to say number 13 on this list is probably Costco. Still, if the craving strikes and you just gotta have your slice, here are some options that will not disappoint.

1. L´Angolo di Napoli

Morelos 128, Centro

This eatery just on the north side of the Rio Cuale bridge markets itself with the slogan “Puro Orgasmo Italiano,” which is something I’m pretty sure I’m only allowed to say here because it’s not in English. It just about lives up to the promise too, offering a selection of classic recipes such as the margarita and puttanesca along with limited-time options.

2. Los Muertos Brewery

Lázaro Cárdenas 302, Emiliano Zapata

I suppose no Vallarta pizza list is complete without a mention of Los Muertos Brewery, and so here we go. For variety of toppings Los Muertos is hard to beat, offering options including sun-dried tomatoes, drunken onions, and pineapple (which is just fine on pizza thank you very much. I personally order mine well done with extra sauce when I go, but you follow your heart.

3. Veggitalia

Corona 172, Centro

I don’t really talk too much about vegetarian places…do I look like a herbivore to you? Still, I have a few plant-based friends, so I do end up breaking some meatless bread in good company every so often. Veggitalia’s pies satisfy, built on a thin, chewy crust bedecked with fresh and tasty toppings. They also deliver to El Colibri, which works well for my nightlife endeavors.

4. Pan y Que?

Calle Peru 1002, 5 de Diciembre

Y salsa de tomate, y queso, y pepperoni, eso es lo que. Pan y que turns out a quality pie which is sure to please fans of thin, crispy crust. Italian flavor is the order of the day at this eatery, so expect toppings like prosciutto and the nation’s famous sausage. Bonus points for liberal use of fresh mozzarella, which is pretty much required if you’re going to do the whole Neapoltian thing.

5. Devil’s Bar Rio Cuale

LOC 3, Isla Rio Cuale

Yes, this location is closed for the summer–oh, the adversity of low season–but I once called this the best damn pizza in town and although I’ve encountered several strong contenders in the year since, I’m pretty much willing to stand by it. Not only does your pizza arrive hot and tempting out of the wood-fired oven, but you get to enjoy it with a relaxing river view. Nice.

6. Florio’s

Galeana 185, Centro

This town favorite has more than its share of winners on the menu, but we’re here to talk about pizza today and theirs is definitely worth discussing. Prepared in a wood-fired oven–the best way to make a pizza, on this there can be no debate–and topped with almost anything in the restaurant from seafood to fine cuts of meat, a pizza at Florio’s is always a good decision.

7. Agrodulce

Basilio Badillo 300-C, Zona Romántica

The menu at this eatery is worth checking out in full, but along with offering an array of toppings Agrodulce is really nailing the sauce-to-cheese ratio which seems like such a puzzle for many places. Even better, pizza is the perfect punctuation to an afternoon of cultured browsing on what might be the city’s most cosmopolitan strip…well, it’s a fairly decent addition to anything.

8. La Posta

Morelos 444, Centro

A good rule of thumb for Vallarta is that any place that actually serves good Italian food is going to be able to figure out pizza as well, and happily that is the case with La Posta. The sauce is rich and flavorful, the toppings generous, and the location of the restaurant directly across from the Malecon makes for some primetime people-watching.

9. La Notte

Calle Honduras 115, 5 de Diciembre

This hidden gem half a block off Playa Camarones is shamefully underrated. The effort that goes into their pizzas is tough to compete with…I mean, they send their pie guy to Italy every year to brush up on his skills, who even does that? The results are as delicious as you would expect…again, freshly made mozzarella always puts a pizza over the top.

10. Coppa

Morelos 535, Centro

What, that little hookah bar a block from the Malecon serves pizza? You bet your sweet turn of phrase they do. Coppa is home to one of my favorite late-night secrets, an addictive seafood pizza topped with shrimp, scallops, and a few other things I’m usually a bit too wobbly to write down…served well into the wee hours, it’s the perfect fuel for a long evening of research.

If we’re being honest about it, pizza in Puerto Vallarta can be pretty disappointing if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately, I do, and these 10 options stand out as the best in town.

What’s your favorite pizza place in Puerto Vallarta? Let us know in the comments below.

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