Making Memories At A Restaurant

Mariscos Cisneros Fish Tacos

We are creatures of habit.

Once we find a place we like – we hold on to those memories – and return. Perhaps we’re seeking to re-enact a perfect night or expand our horizons within our creatures of comfort.

My first trip to Mariscos Cisneros was after a day at the Botanical Gardens with old and new dear friends – the bus stop is right across the street and we strolled in to continue an afternoon of margaritas and fish tacos. We dined out back in the garden area until sunset, laughing and sharing stories. It was a memorable time. I don’t remember what I ordered, only that I tagged this as a place to return.

Roll forward 2 years when I was to meet a friend for lunch, I suggested that we dine at Mariscos Cisneros. My companion suggested the marlin which I had never tried before – a little smoky, not oily, fresh. The burrito was more than I could hope to eat – and so it also became my dinner. It did not disappoint.

You may or may not have tried this restaurant and you may or may not have like it. The point is, you have a place LIKE this. We all do.

So…what’s yours?

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I fell in love with PV on my first trip in 2008 and came back to visit every chance I got. I moved here January 2019 - and I'm experiencing so many things that I want to share. If you feel like you can add to my posts with your own experiences, feel free.

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